Our work

Preminger Pediatric Dentistry

Preminger Pediatric Dentistry is committed to making a child’s visit to the Dentist a positive experience. A positive experience at a young age for a

Queen Pinz Bowling

Queen Pinz is an amateur bowling team that is recognized in its community as a fun, talented and high-energy group of bowlers who greatly enjoy

Ritas – Pauly D

Lime A Rita wanted show stopping pineapple looks for their RITAS, and Pauly D to celebrate the brand new ‘Pine-Apple-Rita’. This look was for the


Saks Fifth Avenue contracted with Art of Your Mind to give customers the chance to personalize their favorite fall pieces at their “Custom Craze” event

Saucony – JackRabbit

Saucony and JackRabbit teamed up to create a string of special events in honor of the New York Marathon. One event was at the Columbus

Selena X Puma

PUMA Flagship store Located at 609 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY Experiential event with Puma and Pop artist Selena Gomez celebrating the release of her


“On Becoming a God in Central Florida” is a dark comedy starring award-winning actress Kirsten Dunst that takes place in a small town that is

SN Funding

SN Funding is an LLC based out of Brooklyn New York that focuses on securing loans for their clients. The company wanted to find a

Spring Gymnastics

A new gymnastics gym was under construction on Long Island. The owners children each wanted a part in the design process for a large scale

Stay Cool NYC

STAYCOOLNYC is a Retro Inspired Chillwear Brand founded by Amin Adjmi based out of New York City. Chillwear is a category of clothing that they

Swish Bev – Influencer Packages

The Fat Jewish (Josh Orlovsky)  is not only a hilarious influencer, he also runs a successful beverage company called Swish Bev. The Swish Bev team

The Blonds

The Blonds is a luxury apparel brand based in New York City, co-founded by designer Phillipe Blond and creative director David Blond in 2007 They