About Us

We introduce our client’s customers to new products and services with artistic flair! Marketing and Advertising is all about “the handshake.” When you introduce yourself to a potential customer that introduction needs to be firm but not intimidating. It should be sincere and most importantly……memorable. Art of Your Mind is your handshake.

Motivated For The Mission​

Louder, brasher and bigger have outworn their welcome. At Art of Your Mind, we believe there is a better way to do business. We will create unique, proprietary design concepts that will build your brand and support your marketing campaign.

Whether it is specialized interaction with local art events or custom designed promotional products, Art of Your Mind will drive the launch of a new product or service. We will turn individual clients and customers into lifetime converts.

You will witness our unstoppable drive to exceed your expectations. We will embrace your thoughts and ideas with one goal – to bring to life…….the Art of Your Mind. Don’t be shy. Reach out and contact us for design quotes, to review our current client portfolio or to just have a mocha latte…… while we strategize about how we can cut out the heart of your competition with a spoon.

We Specialize In

Special Events Support and Collaboration, Local/ Community Marketing Campaigns, National and Local Independent Retailer Launches and Brand Awareness Projects.

Custom Air Brushing – New York City’s #1 Airbrushing Company

Graphic Design, Creative Digital and Print Design Services, Custom (POS) Point of Sale Materials Development, Custom (On Site) Clothing Print and Art Applications, Website and Social Media Development.

In a world where words are used haphazardly on a daily basis, we choose them carefully. Believe us when we tell you that our project design protocols are completely transparent and interactive, so you are actually encouraged to be involved every step of the way! This is just another difference between Art of Your Mind and other design companies that would consider such a concept as being out of your mind!