• Levi’s corporate management contracted with Art of Your Mind to provide fashionable enhancements on their classic trucker denim jackets for designated buyers and corporate retail personnel. 
  • Our approach was to design and airbrush custom designs live on 300 classic jackets. The pieces would be revealed at the Spring Fashion Show being hosted at Highline Stages. 
  • With a designated timeline to complete this project, we chose to create four core designs that could be mixed and matched in various combinations to create a personalized jacket.  Our goal was to have our artists create half of the customized jackets early in the day for Levi’s employees sales team and the other half during the evening for buyers attending the event. The custom enhanced jackets for the fashion show attendees and buyers would be completed in real time right before their eyes! 
  •  The four “core designs” reflected modern urban graffiti, the tattoo culture, classic city landscapes and a mixture of hardcore and complex conceptual designs blended with more elegant and minimalistic subjects.  
  • For the live venue we used three of our professional artists as well as multiple staff-assistants to ensure our artistic standards were maintained throughout the process.  
  • Due to the highly positive reception the jackets received from the show attendees, Levi’s had us produce additional customized jackets in our studio upon the conclusion of the fashion show. This further increased the brand loyalty connection established at the event!