Largent Studios – MGM Casino

  • Largent Studios is a Brooklyn New York based 3D prop production studio.  They are widely known in the entertainment industry as an innovative and resourceful studio capable of manufacturing high-quality theatrical property for use on television shows, musical concert venues and many other platforms.
  • Largent studios contacted AoYM to provide them specialized air-brushing services to assist in painting and detailing custom made props for The Conservatory at the MGM National Harbor Casino.  
  • Largent Studio created an assortment of nautical and Americana themed 3D props for The Conservatory’s “Summer on the Potomac,” themed event.  These custom produced pieces included water-waves, mooring ropes, sailboats, floats, flowers and realistic looking sea life.
  • Art of Your Mind was tasked with transforming these 3D props into more lifelike reflections of their associated subject matter. This required us to work with the materials the client chose to build these 3D props out of, requiring in some instances specialized techniques and custom blended pigments while accomplishing this entire project in only four days.
  • Using traditional painting and detailing techniques normally used by the client’s in-house artists and painters would result in a four week time-line to complete this project.  However, using our proprietary air-brushing techniques an even higher degree of detail enhancement could be achieved while decreasing the production time from one week per prop to only one day. 
  • Using these unconventional and highly refined techniques and custom blended pigments AoYM was able to greatly enhance the “wow,” factor of these presentation pieces by showcasing shadowing, incorporating custom color matching, applying 3D texturing and environmental weathering effects…ultimately bring an authentic, life-like feel to the pieces.  
  • By contracting with our company, the client was able to meet their project deadlines without compromising the quality of the project.
  • Our on-site artist was able to transform the 3D props into incredible works-of-art.  We applied tremendously effective detailing and pigment to one prop resulting in an incredible life-like six foot crab.  Our custom pigment-blending and application resulted in a 6’ x 5’ liquid wave actually resembling a still-shot of a wave in motion and 12’ high mooring ropes held the appearance of real, weathered, heavy-duty mooring lines commonly found at piers and ocean-side docks. 


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