• Tumblr launched a new live video service in 2016 where users could “live stream” directly on their platform
  • Tumblr wanted to highlight the capabilities of this “live streaming” service by commissioning the painting of a mural that would be created in 2 hours real-time
  • The  entire execution of the Art of Your Mind creative process was going to be streamed live.
  • The Client suggested the “theme” of the art piece, and then left our team to actually create an 8’ tall mural of a t-shirt
  • A depiction of “Dat Boi” meme was chosen along with “…gone but not forgotten” to suggest a “Rest in Peace” (RIP) concept that hinted at an era of “still image memes” ending. 
  • It could be said that the “Crown Jewel,” of the Tumblr campaign launch was the execution of this particular facet, demonstrating a highly creative process that more than exceeded the expectations of both the client and their broadcast viewers