• Saks Fifth Avenue contracted with Art of Your Mind to give customers the chance to personalize their favorite fall pieces at their “Custom Craze” event at their NYC flagship store. 
  • The “Custom Craze” three (3) hour event highlighted the trend push of “The It List” pieces releasing. 
  • The concept for the releases were focused on embellished elements and a power look. Art of Your Mind was challenged to create custom, on-demand airbrush designs for participants, melding both brand loyalty and individuality. 
  • We provided five (5) unique designs to choose from, a vibrant chain link display, and a highly creative and experienced team to implement the designs to get the job done. 
  • Saks Fifth Avenue stood out among the other retailers while hosting this event and brought more overall traffic to their store. This unique experience created a buzz that convinced customers who were just browsing to make an exciting new purchase that day!