Preminger Pediatric Dentistry

  • Preminger Pediatric Dentistry is committed to making a child’s visit to the Dentist a positive experience. A positive experience at a young age for a dental patient is proven to instill a life-long, preventive dental care commitment to their own teeth…and those of their children as well.
  •  After meeting with the Dental Staff and Office Personnel, our recommendation was to make the pediatric patients visit “fun”!
  • We designed a fun, activity related environment that encourages both visual and tactile stimulation
  •  Our staff painted the walls in the waiting room to resemble a “cartoon created,” view of the Manhattan skyline.  This included a “graffiti,” tempered wall with positive reinforcement terms like, “Brush, Floss and Smile,” while retaining a professional decorum overall
  • “Prize” or awards based delivery equipment was installed in the waiting room accompanied by murals on the wall that represented children sitting on the equipment earning their “prize” for having a positive appointment outcome.
  • Preminger Pediatric Dentistry has seen a tremendous increase in their customers’ positive reviews of their practice since this project was implemented by Art of Your Mind.  The Dental Staff reports that the apparent anxiety levels associated with their pediatric patients has greatly diminished since this project was completed.