Old Navy

  • The largest of the Old Navy locations are its flagship stores, several of which are located in New York City. Old Navy contracted with Art of Your Mind to provide advertising and marketing support to a large annual sales event for a New York store. It was necessary for this particular store to realize a successful “boost” in revenue generated during this sale from the previous year.
  • As the specific store Art of Your Mind would be focused on would in a sense be competing with other Old Navy stores in New York City and not just other retailers in general, it was incumbent upon us to develop a unique and innovative way to highlight this particular Old Navy store from its “sister” locations.
  • We recommended a concept whereby shoppers visiting this particular Old Navy store would enjoy a fun, exciting atmosphere that encouraged positive interaction between the customer and Old Navy Staff. Our main goal would be to ensure that the average shopper remained in the store for a longer period of time than initially anticipated.
  • The “wow” factor of having live artists in the store actually creating artwork in front of them enhanced the shopping experience and caused shoppers to “linger” in the store for longer periods of time. Our goal was to add an additional 15 minutes of “in-store time,” to each customers visit.
    An accepted marketing/ sales directive for the retail industry is that by voluntarily keeping a consumer in a retail establishment an additional 15 minutes longer than they initially anticipated being in the store, results in them purchasing one additional item on average. 
  • By providing a unique experience for the shoppers in this particular Old Navy store, our execution of this concept resulted in shoppers remaining in the store longer. That coupled with our artist inspired in-store marketing signage directly resulted in this specific Old Navy store generating more sales and revenue than any of its “sister” stores in the area on the day of the sales event.


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