New York City Services

  • New York City Services (NYCCS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the underserved of NYC, including low-income men women, teens and elderly who are struggling to advance their careers and education.
  • NYCCS worked with Art of Your Mind to provide a unique support program for a community event hosted on the 4th of July.  Our goal was to provide materials and products that would highlight the nature of the Independence Day celebration while also providing a sense of “community” and “belonging” to the attendees.
  • Due to the diverse backgrounds of the attendees to this event, it was incumbent upon us to remain cognizant of the applicable ethnic nuances regarding their acceptance of certain products and patriotic definitions.  We wanted to ensure that all felt comfortable and even enthusiastic about participating in this wonderful event.
  • Our design team recommended that we design and manufacture patriotic shirts for each of the attendees. We also were tasked with providing some type of small representation of their attendance at the event to help foster a sense of community in their neighborhoods that hopefully would continue past the date of the event itself.  
  • Art of Your Mind designed and printed t-shirts for the 4th of July free barbecue celebration in their local community.  We also created a vibrant and thoughtful banner to welcome all attendees, as well as unique printed tablecloths, and door decals. 
  • The 4th of July event was a huge success! The feedback we received not just from the client but the attendees as well was nothing short of inspirational. Our client (NYCCS) was ecstatic at the level of detail and commitment we brought to this project noting, “… is the details that make a project standout as extraordinary!”.


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