Macerich Real Estate

  • Macerich Real Estate is a real estate agency that is well known for its extremely high quality staff and performance standards throughout the world. One of their specialties is handling properties that have unusual or challenging circumstances surrounding them. 
  • Having acquired a unique property to represent, Macerich Real Estate engaged Art of Your Mind to help mitigate a challenge associated with this property that dealt with property signage laws.
  • This property needed to be identified as a property for sale or lease, thus it needed a highly visible level of signage to draw attention to it. However, this property location was also regulated by local sign ordinances that prohibited the attachment of written signs traditionally used in such circumstances. The local sign ordinance also prohibited simply painting “For Sale,” or “For Lease” signage directly on the side of the building. 
  • The first requirement was to create a large, attention gathering highlight on the building to attract potential leasing or purchasing prospects. 
  • After first reviewing the local sign ordinance to ensure we had a detailed understanding of its enforcement standards, we chose to apply a highly creative concept to this multifaceted challenge. 
  • We chose to address these issues by not using words or text to generate interest in the property. Instead, we chose to paint an entire building motif on the side of the structure. This would definitely gather attention to the property without running afoul of the local ordinances.
  • Our team painted a mural on the exposed wall to look like the façade of a modern storefront using the appropriate architectural highlights to fit into the local setting. The mural (approximately 15’ H x 50’ L) appeared to be attached to the business next door. 
  • The level of detail we applied to the mural included actually creating highly detailed reflections of the surrounding landscape and properties in the window panes of the windows.  
  • This project was highly successful and by the clients own admission, “…exceeded their wildest expectations with success!”. 
  • The mural was so realistic that people would drive up to get a closer view of the wall to see if it was indeed a new store that opened only to find it was a brick wall with 3-D type façade painted on it. Many people would then inquire inside the adjoining stores about the vacant property. 
  • Our goal of drawing attention to the property through this mural concept was highly effective. The execution of this marketplace rendering resulted in the successful placement of a new tenant in this property! 


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