Jack & Chill

  • Jack & Chill is a new urban brand of clothing, skateboards, and gear that is new to the active lifestyle/fashion industry.   When the client first met with us the “Jack & Chill” brand was nothing more than a concept. We were asked to help create this brand and then launch it.
  • New fashion brands are launched and buried on a daily basis. For this brand to be “different,” than every other concept in the marketplace, we would need to identify and then quantify those differences and ultimately accurately target the demographic and retail vertical it would thrive in.
  • Art of Your Mind recommended that an intensive discovery phase be undertaken to correctly identify the unique “qualifiers” launching a new urban brand would require.
  • Our artistic staff helped create and refine the clients designs and logos. We created the clients hang tags, stickers, tags, bags and decals. We spearheaded the production of prototypes and finished products from domestic manufacturers as well as located overseas affiliate manufacturing facilities.  
  • We anticipate that this newly launched brand will continue to grow and interact with Art of Your Mind for many years to come.