• “We flow hard” is not just a quote but a lifestyle for Y7, “The original hip hop yoga studio.” Established in 2013, Y7 is redefining how we typically view yoga and meditation
  • Y7 is known for using classic hip hop artist as well as lyrics and adapting them to fit the style of their brand for merchandise. With witty quotes such as “A tribe called sweat”, “Money.Cash.Flow.” “Plank you” and more
  • Art of Your Mind transformed their logos and quotes by aiding to their urban yet chic aesthetic using our airbrushing techniques hand painting a multitude shirts for their website
  • Our team airbrushed three designs representing their iconic symbol of the namaste/ praying hands, their most famous quote “We flow hard”, the quote “New York yogis”  and their Y7 logo on the back of each shirt which were in an assortment of styles/cuts
  •  Astonished with the great results for this project, Y7 constructed a photoshoot to showcase our work along with the work we’ve done for them on their website