Discovery TLC – Say Yes to The Prom

  • Growing out of their popular “Say Yes to the Dress” series, Discovery created a special TLC feature called “Say Yes to the Prom”. “Say Yes to the Prom” creates a shopping experience for students of merit from underserved schools, as well as a special televised prom.
  • The team was looking for a really cool airbrush experience for the students for the prom. The challenge was not only to give the students an amazing experience on-air, but also wow the viewers at home
  • Art of Your Mind customized a vibrant, large-scale, photo backdrop specifically for this event. This piece was created just for the school Inwood Academy, and was given as a keepsake after the program
  • Our team was also on-site at the prom customizing hats for all of the students in attendance! The students absolutely loved their added custom prom accessory !