Industry City – Mural Installation

  • Industry City is a 35 acre campus that houses the studios of many artists and creators in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The campus is filled with installations to foster the creative spirit of the tenants.
  • The food hall is the most populated location on campus, and a brand new mural was planned for the space.
  • The Industry City team wanted a team of creatives to bring their mural vision to life, in the most stand-out way possible. 
  • Art of Your Mind got to work! Once the sketches were unveiled, the concept quickly moved from a 2 dimensional plan, to a 3 dimensional plan.
  • The shapes were cut out of foam board, filled with stuffing, with stretched shiny orange vinyl overtop.
  • After the shapes were prepped and ready, giant googly eyes were added as a finishing touch.
  • The pieces were then installed onto a blue painted wall in the food hall. You can’t past the wall without interacting with this piece!