Gauntlett Cheng

  • Gauntlett Cheng is a New York City based label known for its near abstract style and ultra awesome eccentricity.
  • The challenge for Art of Your Mind was to establish the best way to implement the detailed designs of Gauntlett Cheng. It was necessary for these designs  to be executed repeatedly in a certain way to ensure that no detail would be lost. 
  • Our team conferred with the label’s designers to generate a slew of samples and options inspired by Gauntlett Cheng’s vision.
  • Vector stencils were created and produced in-house for the pieces that portrayed unique characters. We were then given fabric to paint prior to the sewing stage. 
  • These pieces from Gauntlett Cheng created an unimaginable amount of buzz and excitement. The pieces were so outrageously unique and amazing in the eyes of customers and buyer !sArt of Your Mind and Gauntlett Cheng continue to collaborate to create high quality, unique,  pieces of wearable art.