Ev Bravado

  • New York native Mr. Everard Best cut his teeth under the direction of Mr Virgil Abloh before launching EV BRAVADO in 2016. Influenced by music and streetwear, the brand is renowned for its hand-embellished pieces and distressed denim.
  • Ev approached Art of Your Mind with an out of the box production concept for an airbrushed microchip design.
  • The silver nodes at the top of microchip would be dripping down into the wires using both freehand and stencil techniques to blend organic look with a machine. Attention would be on the lettering in the chip, edges faded out with some stipple effect.
  • This airbrush design was painted onto one large white t-shirt, and then scanned for print.
  • Print shirts were produced from the airbrush design, allowing the airbrush look to be easily replicated.