Macy’s Culinary Council

  • Macy’s Culinary Council  presents an exclusive council of expert chefs from across the US. They help customers discover enticing recipes, tips from chefs who host demos at local Macy’s stores.
  • In honor of Super Bowl weekend 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, Culinary Council hosted a special event at their Lenox Square location.
  • Chefs Michelle Bernstein and Darius Williams presented on how to make great game day dishes.
  • At the cooking demo event, customers could receive a customized water bottle as a gift with purchase. Any purchase above $50.00 granted the audience free $10.00 Macy’s gift card, and a custom bottle. 
  • The black metal bottles were preprinted with special ‘Macy’s Culinary Council’ logo, and our team customized them with special calligraphy. 
  • 4 lettering styles were offered on-site, as well as a variety of shapes + designs.
  • The customers loved learning from the chefs, and of course their custom bottles!


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