Levi’s – Macy’s Pride ’18

  • Hired by Levi’s for these (2) events – see Levis’s – Nordstrom Pride ’18
  • To honor Pride Month, Levi’s dreamed up a unique canvas tote.
  • The canvas tote had rainbow flag handles, and was printed with the statement: “I AM _______”. They wanted to give their  customers a chance to express themselves, by filling in the blank on the totes.
  • This activation took place at both Macy’s, and Nordstrom in Manhattan.
  • Free gift with purchase — No minimum $ amount needed to qualify for the activation
  • In addition to the totes, customers were also able to customize any Levi’s product purchased that day.
  • By customizing their pieces, the crowd was able to personally connect to their pieces.
    The attendees were thrilled with their Levi’s pieces, and wore them out of the store with pride!