Tumblr is a micro-blogging and social networking website. As of July 1st, 2016, Tumblr now hosts over 302.6 MILLION blogs and as of January 1st 2016, Tumblr averaged roughly 555 MILLION monthly visitors.

Tumblr decided to launch a new live video service whereby users could “live stream” content and video on the Tumblr website. As part of the marketing promotion for this new technology, Tumblr wanted to highlight the capabilities of this “live streaming” service by commissioning the painting of a mural that would be created in 2 hours real-time. Accordingly, Art of Your Mind was commissioned as one of the few companies that could create a legitimate work of art within the 2 hour dead line set by Tumblr, while witnessed by millions of Tumblr subscribers.


Art of Your Mind was tasked with creating a representation that met several requirements for the client. Specifically, we were requested to create a focal point that would capture the imagination and attention of their Tumblr subscribers as well as a demonstration of the new live streaming service being launched by Tumblr, all within a 2 hour window.


The Client suggested the “theme” of the art piece, and then left our team to actually create the mural of a T-Shirt that is eight (8) feet tall with an image of “Dat Boi,” on it. Dat Boi is a meme of a frog on a unicycle. Wings and a sunset background were included as was the text “…gone but not forgotten,” to suggest a “Rest in Peace” (RIP) concept that hinted at an era of “still image memes” ending. We would paint this mural while a countdown timer was continually shown during the creation of this piece.

Project Execution

Unlike most traditional projects that are subject to deadlines, this one had a unique twist in that the entire execution of the Art of Your Mind creative process was going to be streamed live. The client chose Art of Your Mind because our reputation provided them with the confidence that we could complete a unique, artistic painting within the allotted live-streaming time frame. Art of Your Mind prides itself on having never missed a clients deadline…..the Tumblr project was no exception as it too was completed on time.

Outcome Analysis

The painting (mural) exceeded the clients expectations. In fact, while they had originally intended that the creation process of the mural itself was to be the main focus, the finished product so exceeded their expectations that they chose to embrace it as the contemporary art it was. The client expressed that they had never expected such a high quality painting to be completed under such duress. It could be said that the “Crown Jewel,” of the Tumblr campaign launch was the execution of this particular facet, demonstrating a highly creative process that more than exceeded the expectations of both the client and their broadcast viewers.

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