The Great Big Bacon Picnic

The Great Big Bacon Picnic


Bacon Picnic is a large “food event,” hosted in the NYC area. Overviews of the venues they host can be reviewed at As the client requested a very unique somewhat “edgy,” flair to be added to their Bacon Picnic event, Art of Your Mind was tasked with developing this concept in such a way it would create maximum impact among the attendees.


Our biggest challenge was to develop some type of unique concept that had not been applied before to this industry. As one can imagine food “characters” and logos are very seldom effective unless they successfully target those portions of the consumer’s psyche that grab their attention. From a positive standpoint that would be the consumers sense of humor or their sense of wellbeing. Not wanting to simply rehash similar concepts we wanted to think “outside the box.”


The artistic team at Art of Your Mind developed a new concept that would be unlike anything that had been used before at such a food event. We decided to develop a new food character that would be both humorous as well as “edgy,” without coming across as offensive. We also would develop some very “catchy” artwork and phrases that when printed on different marketing materials and clothing would drive their own message in a very effective cross-pollination type of marketing support-program.

Project Execution

After multiple sketches and drafts, our artistically driven team developed the “Bacon Jesus,” character to drive a high profile product identification concept towards the Bacon Picnic project. We presented multiple layouts and color schemes for the client to review and select from. We then printed this artwork on high quality Tee Shirts as well as humor driven “support phrases,” such as, “Bacon is my Co-Pilot.” These shirts (as well as others) were sold as promotional products throughout the event.

Outcome Analysis

This project was fun and very high energy to work on. Our client shared our enthusiasm and was eager to explore “out of the box,” concepts and ideas. They recognized our desire to not only do something slightly “edgy” but also to create a memorable impression that would last well past the Bacon Picnic event. These goals were accomplished on all fronts. Even now, our shirt designs for that event are in demand!

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