Sak’s Fifth Avenue

Sak’s Fifth Avenue


Saks Fifth Avenue is an American luxury department store founded in 1898. Its main flagship store is located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Saks Fifth Avenue contracted with Art of Your Mind to give customers the chance to personalize their favorite fall pieces at their “Custom Craze” event at the flagship store.


The “Custom Craze” three (3) hour event highlighted the trend push of “The It List” pieces releasing. The concept for the releases were focused on embellished elements and a power look. Art of Your Mind was challenged to create custom, on-demand airbrush designs for participants, melding both brand loyalty and individuality.


Art of Your Mind set out to provide Saks Fifth Avenue with an airbrush activation station to complete their Custom Craze event for their Saturday shoppers. This station would amp up the sales for the day as customers would be treated to the customization of their pieces. Art of Your Mind would also provide five (5) unique designs to choose from, a vibrant backdrop display, and a highly creative and experienced team to implement the designs to get the job done.

Project Execution

Our airbrush artists got to work creating one-of-a-kind airbrush art that both excited and engaged shoppers, encouraging them to make purchases to be able to take part in the on-site customization. Pieces were then painted according to customers creative specifications and “made permanent” through heat pressing, ensuring the art would last. This all took place while customers browsed and enjoyed the other stations at the event, allowing shoppers to enjoy the luxury. These wearable works of art impressed the visitors of the booth and connected them with the nostalgic, boardwalk feel of customized airbrush apparel.

Outcome Analysis

The shoppers and spectators were highly engaged, and thrilled with the results of our on-site live customization! This promotion was a real treat for customers, allowing them to walk away with a piece of personalized, wearable art. Seeing their pieces transformed on site allowed the customers to really establish a strong connection between them and their pieces. The customers couldn’t contain their excitement and their shopping experience was greatly enhanced! Saks Fifth Avenue stood out among the other retailers while hosting this event and brought more overall traffic to their store. This unique experience created a buzz that convinced customers who were just browsing to make an exciting new purchase that day! The “Custom Craze” event collaboration with Art of Your Mind and Saks Fifth Avenue was so successful that Saks decided to collaborate with us again for several live customization events!

“The team at Art of Your Mind could not have been more helpful, accommodating or fun! They made sure the setup and breakdown was neat and orderly, engaged with customers throughout the afternoon, and brought an amazing level of energy to the store. They were such great partners to work with!”

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Sak’s Fifth Avenue

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