Queen Pinz Bowling

Queen Pinz Bowling


Queen Pinz is an amateur bowling team that is recognized in its community as a fun, talented and high-energy group of bowlers who greatly enjoy their sport. This group of bowlers takes great pride in their team accomplishments. As they compete in local tournaments, they wanted to make sure that their team is easily identified when together as a group.


As a “standard,” most bowling teams wear colorful, thoughtful logos custom designed for their team. Art of Your Mind realized that for us to be able to provide Queen Pinz a unique, custom logo design that would meet their criteria as well as highlight this enthusiastic group of bowlers……we would have to think “out-of-the-box,” to create a custom design that met their needs.


Our Company would hold several design meetings with our professional artistic staff to provide multiple sketches and “mock-ups,” for the bowling team to review. Once they had agreed upon the logo design they liked the most, our team would then provide them a completed logo design for their final approval.

Project Execution

One of our Project Managers who has tremendous experience in designing sports type logos and motifs led the design team efforts to create several potential monikers that met the Queen Pinz requirements for their team logo. Once we had multiple sketches and designs that were available for review, they were provided to the client for their input. After the client provided their feedback we were able to fine tune the sketches and design characteristics for a final rendition of the product. After the clients final approval we then provided master digital files of the finished product in the highest resolution possible as well as in multiple formats for ease of application. These master files not only allowed us to then manufacture the Queen Pinz “Team Gear,” as requested……but also allowed them to provide those files to other print shops and clothing manufacturers so as to customize clothing that Queen Pinz may acquire in the future.

Outcome Analysis

Queen Pinz had several requirements for this project. They wanted vibrant, unique design themes that they could incorporate into their “Team Gear,” as well as wear with pride. It was important to the group that the finished product accurately reflects their “personality,” and group camaraderie. The client was quite impressed that the effort and attention we afforded this project was the same as we would for a large corporate client. At the beginning of this project we told the Queen Pinz Team that “….no project or client was too small for us. They would get the same attention to detail that we would provide one of our Fortune 500 clients.” According to Queen Pinz, we more than exceeded their expectations!

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