Preminger Pediatric Dentistry

Preminger Pediatric Dentistry


Preminger Pediatric Dentistry is committed to making a child’s visit to the Dentist a positive experience. It is their desire to create a positive image for the child when it comes to Dentistry in general. By doing so, they will help to ensure that the child will continue to visit the Dentist on a regular basis throughout their adolescent years, thus ensuring that as their “baby” teeth are replaced with their permanent teeth, no physiological problems that may occur go unaddressed. A positive experience at a young age for a dental patient is proven to instill a life-long, preventative dental care commitment to their own teeth…..and those of their children as well.


Children hate going to the Dentist. This negative reaction is due primarily to a fear of the unknown and potential discomfort/ pain associated with Dentistry in general. Some of this perception is inadvertently driven by parents, older siblings and friends having experienced negative occurrences during their own visits to a Dental Office. This perception can also be based on the pediatric patients own limited experience with Dentistry, compounded by a previous negative experience they may have had.


After meeting with the Dental Staff and Office Personnel, our recommendation was to make the pediatric patients visit “fun.” Our analysis determined that two key issues needed to be addressed. First, we addressed the issue of the visit being “scary” to the patient. While the pediatric patient is in the waiting room, their level of apprehension and anxiety increases due to their imagination being overly stimulated by the sights and sounds of a sterile, dental office environment. Therefore, we designed a fun, activity related environment that encourages both visual and tactile stimulation. This environment then redirects the apprehension and anxiety that would normally be building to a positive and fun emotional release by playing with toys or games. Second, we recommended a more comfortable and entertaining environment that culminated with a positive reinforcement outcome from the pediatric patients visit. Specifically, we suggested that some type of reward be provided to a pediatric patient that demonstrated a positive outcome from their visit. As an example, if they child did not surrender their emotions to unrealistic fear and apprehension associated with their dental visit, they would be permitted to receive a “prize” after the appointment. These two main recommendations would result in an overall positive experience for the pediatric patient.

Project Execution

Our Staff painted the walls in the waiting room to resemble a “cartoon created,” view of the Manhattan skyline. This included a “graffiti,” tempered wall with positive reinforcement terms like, “Brush, Floss and Smile,” while retaining a professional decorum overall. In some areas a fun “urban” theme is used to transport the children to an outdoor type setting….which included a tire swing which was installed from a realistic tree motif painted on the wall and ceilings.

Tethered Ipads are available in the waiting room so children can play games to occupy their minds, pre-appointment. A custom made basketball hoop was installed in the room to complete the outdoors motif concept. Television monitors are installed to allow cartoons and fantasy based shows to be played so as to again, make the environment a fun and non-threatening place to be.

Finally, “prize” or awards based delivery equipment was installed in the waiting room accompanied by murals on the wall that represented children sitting on the equipment earning their “prize” for having a positive appointment outcome.

Outcome Analysis

Preminger Pediatric Dentistry has seen a tremendous increase in their customers’ positive reviews of their practice since this project was implemented by Art of Your Mind. The Dental Staff reports that the apparent anxiety levels associated with their pediatric patients has greatly diminished since this project was completed. Parents now report that the required effort to get their children to Preminger Pediatric Dentistry is much more positive in general. The number of client referrals has increased dramatically due to patient’s parents sharing with others that the Preminger Office is a positive experience for their children. Preminger Pediatric Dentistry has expressed that Art of Your Mind exceeded their expectations when it comes to the actual outcomes projected through this project and that the level of professionalism and commitment Art of Your Mind demonstrated throughout the project was astounding.

“Yossi and Noel’s ability to transform an idea in my head into a preliminary sketch and then into a one-of-a-kind art mural is truly amazing! Their dedication throughout the entire process to ensure I was happy was truly impressive. I highly recommend Art Of Your Mind for all and any custom artwork of any kind!!!!”
-Joel M. Preminger DMD, owner of Preminger Pediatric Dentistry

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