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Home Depot is a multinational retail conglomerate specializing in home improvement and contractor supply products. They are located throughout all 50 States in the US. After Hurricane Sandy, several vendors that sell products to Home Depot decided to band together to donate products and supplies. Many in the community also volunteered “man-power,” to rebuild a home in the Coney Island area that was decimated by the storm by working with the Home Depot Foundation. Police Officer Petlyn Job was tirelessly working to keep others safe during Hurricane Sandy, only to return to her own home and find it destroyed. It was then that the Home Depot Foundation jumped into action. Art of Your Mind was contracted with to provide marketing support and to generate public attention to this noble activity to rebuild this family’s home.


Since this was a non-profit approach to this project put forth by multiple vendors of the local Home Depot it was important to highlight the generous action of these companies and the volunteers who selflessly gave of their personal time, while at the same time attempting to bring the Coney Island community together as a whole in such times of need.


Our Design Team recommended that we create a focal point of this team effort that would both visually preserve the effort while also acting as a “finish-line” of sorts recognizing the completion of the project. We would also felt the volunteers working on the project would like some type of memento commemorating their selfless act in working on this project.

Project Execution

Art of Your Mind designed and created the artwork illustrations for a large hardwood “monolith type” board that reflected the storm destroying Coney Island…..then subsequently listing all of the logos of the manufacturers who banded together to rebuild and ultimately restore the love and pride felt in the community of Coney Island during its “rebirth.” We designed this “Story-Board,” in such a way that it could then be symbolically cut in half with a power saw at the completion of the project…..much like a community “ribbon cutting” ceremony signifies that a completed project is now, “….open for business again!” During the actual unveiling event of the rehabilitated home, Art of Your Mind was again in the thick of things providing custom painted shirts for all of the volunteers that helped on the rebuild, so they would have a memento to remember this community effort by.

Outcome Analysis

This event like so many others is something that Art of Your Mind loves to be a part of. We are not just a business in the normal sense, but, we also like to give back to our local community. This project was an effort of love and while it was a public relations windfall…….our main focus was on keeping the focus on the manufacturers and volunteers that came together to take care of a member of the familial community. At Art of Your Mind, we are proud to be members of our local community and we appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate that any time we can.

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