David Kippot

David Kippot


David Kippot is a manufacturer of custom made Kippahs for special events as well as designer Kippahs to appeal to the more fashion conscious Jews in today’s marketplace. This client is committed to manufacturing only the highest quality Kippahs using only the best textile materials. Art of Your Mind was contracted to create new patterns and designs to appeal to a wide range of tastes in the Jewish community.


When a company is tasked with developing fashionable designs and patterns that will be applied to traditional religious clothing and materials, a great deal of effort must be made to ensure that while the new designs and patterns may appeal from a fashion sense….they must also remain tasteful and respectful. Our job was to provide the client with designs and patterns that would reflect a fantastic sense of fashion and artistry yet support the client’s consumers in a respectful and sincere way as well. We also were fixated on developing designs and patterns that would keep production costs low but would still yield maximum appeal to the consumer. We would endeavor to work with low stitch counts and limited color pallets to accomplish the aforementioned goals.


In order for the client to appeal to a wider audience (demographic) we completed a cursory market research profile to figure out which patterns and fashion designs would be the most successful targeted concepts. After that data was correlated our artistic in-house designers would begin preparing new designs and patterns for the client to review and evaluate. Once final approval by the client was received, the digital master files would be provided so the manufacturing facilities could begin making the initial product runs.

Project Execution

Our research indicated that our design patterns should encompass a wide range of topics, hobbies and sports. This would include but not be limited to dance, music, sports and sports teams, pop culture, traditional Jewish art and culture…..covering all ages and events. Once these designs were completed and approved, they were indeed provided to the client for immediate manufacturing and production runs.

Outcome Analysis

The client has seen a noticeable increase in sales and interest in his products. His leading edge approach to appealing to a wider range demographic has resulted in tremendous amount of new customers and overwhelmingly positive product reviews. As many clients have noted, “……what I feared would be a complex and time consuming process ended up being a positive creative endeavor resulting in a better than hoped for outcome.”

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