What we do

What We Do

We introduce our client’s customers to new products and services with artistic flair! Marketing and Advertising is all about “the handshake.” When you introduce yourself to a potential customer that introduction needs to be firm but not intimidating. It should be sincere and most importantly……memorable. Art of Your Mind is your handshake.

We Specialize In

Special Events Support and Collaboration, Local/ Community Marketing Campaigns, National and Local Independent Retailer Launches and Brand Awareness Projects.

Custom Air Brushing – New York City’s #1 Airbrushing Company

Graphic Design, Creative Digital and Print Design Services, Custom (POS) Point of Sale Materials Development, Custom (On Site) Clothing Print and Art Applications, Website and Social Media Development.


Every winning team needs a captain. Your captain will be your exclusively assigned Creative Director. This “seasoned hand” will chart your course through the entire design process. They are charged with helping to stimulate discussion and idea development. They will figure out how to move the abstract… to the executable concept! Be prepared to get your team into a room and lock the door. Bring markers, paper, good ideas... a bottle of whiskey?…..as it may run late into the night.


After you sign off on the initial rough drafts, we take a hammer and chisel to the roadblock between you and success turning it into the next "venus de milo" of marketing masterpieces! At Art of Your Mind we set the bar high for expectations. We don’t care how small the project (or budget) is, we approach every assignment like it is the single most important piece of work we will ever be involved in. We never forget that it is not just your name on the finished product………but ours as well. While we may ask for a bit of patience from you at this phase (who doesn’t want to open their Birthday presents early?) we will not quit until we deliver the Art…..of your mind to your hands.


Once the project template has been cast, we let the creative juices start flowing. Our team of artists, creative directors, development specialists, copywriters, etc., starts drafting sketches, layouts and designs in detail for review. This is a very fluid and exciting point in the project because this is where our out-of- the-box, high-energy, original ideas make it to the easel! Your team will no doubt have a great deal of input in this part of the process…..after all, you are the client and only after you approve the final renderings will the project move onto its final phase.

In a world where words are used haphazardly on a daily basis, we choose them carefully. Believe us when we tell you that our project design protocols are completely transparent and interactive, so you are actually encouraged to be involved every step of the way! This is just another difference between Art of Your Mind and other design companies that would consider such a concept as being out of your mind!